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Theresa May That changed somewhat after she secured a deal to move to the next phase of Brexit talks at the end of last year, with reports that Mrs May was in it for the long haul and was hoping to lead the party into the next election. But, rather than looking forward to an extended term in No 10, now there is speculation that she will be pushed out sooner, possibly by October, when Brexit trade talks are due to finish, or even in May, if the local elections in England go badly. Calls to say precisely what she wants from Brexit Image caption Jacob Rees-Mogg and Philip Hammond: Poles apart on Brexit? The goodwill the prime minister earned after securing a deal on the first phase of Brexit talks - which shored up her leadership - appears to have evaporated in a fresh bout of public infighting. On the one hand, there are hard Brexiteers, led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, who want to quit the EU single market and customs union - and would prefer to walk away without a deal than be corralled by Brussels into something they would see as Brexit in name only, or Brino. On the other hand, there are those, such as Chancellor Philip Hammond, who want a deal that will closely mirror what we have at the moment, in terms of trade at least. With the next crucial phase of Brexit talks about to get under way, the two sides are getting increasingly nervous that Mrs May is going to sell them out. Nothing she can do or say will satisfy both factions. And with some cabinet members, well Boris Johnson anyway, feeling they can openly criticise her policies without fear of being sacked, she is seen as too weak to impose her will on her warring party. Colleagues had hoped she would set out where she stood on Brexit in the spring - but a planned speech in Munich next month is expected to focus on defence and security rather than the bigger picture.

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